What Can You Make With Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese may not be the frequently popping ingredient in your dishes, but it is incredibly good in nutritional value. Cottage cheese is straightforward to make, and you can achieve this dairy wonder by adding a few drops of acid (citric acid, lemon juice, rennet, etc.) to milk or cream. The milk curdles up, transforming into chunks of cheese. Once you ignore its texture and look and focus on its ability as a rich source of protein and calcium, chances are you will find its tub in your refrigerator all the time.

So, what can you make with cottage cheese?

Easy and Healthy Recipes using Cottage Cheese

You can add cottage cheese into various dishes, from breakfast to appetizers and snacks to main meals. We claim that it is one of the most versatile foods you can add to various dishes.

Don’t believe us? The below-mentioned list of dishes will undoubtedly vouch for our case. Let’s dive into knowing more about what wonders it can bring into your dishes.

Let’s have a look at the best cottage cheese recipes.

Make your lasagna Cheesier and Creamier with some Cottage Cheese

Who does not like lasagna? The layers stuffed with white sauce and the goodness of chicken with red sauce get enhanced further with cottage cheese.

You can combine cottage with other kinds of cheese that you usually add to your lasagna. The most welcoming aspect is that it keeps the calories and excess fat in control.

These dishes are so deliciously enticing that you might also introduce them to the camp of people who thought cottage cheese was appalling.

Who knows, right?

Cottage cheese toasties with balsamic glaze and strawberry on top

Make this amazingly delicious sweet cottage cheese recipe for breakfast by using simple ingredients. The cottage cheese breakfast is high in protein and rich in calcium, and it is extremely simple to make and may take less than ten minutes of your time.

Mix some cottage cheese into a blend similar to ricotta cheese, making it easy to spread on the bread slices. But before doing so, don’t forget to toast the bread a little to add that crispy flavor.

Spread the cheese on the toast, add some sweet and tangy balsamic glaze. Adding a few strawberries will perfect the cottage cheese desserts for you.

Spread the magic of cottage cheese in whole-wheat waffles

Next, we introduce a simple dish, and you might be amazed to see that it uses cottage cheese. Yes, we are talking about whole-wheat blender waffles.

You won’t see cottage cheese in the final product as it goes inside the batter for making the waffles. The simple trick is to add cottage cheese and other ingredients for making waffles and whip it in the blender before ironing the waffles.

Stuffed cheese chicken with a taste of spinach

You might already be familiar with chicken breast stuffed with ricotta or mozzarella cheese. But, you can bring the twist to the recipe by replacing other cheese kinds with cottage cheese.

Blend the spinach in the cheese and stuff the chicken with this mixture. You will get the goodness of high protein value on a budget with this simple swap of cheese.

Cottage cheese in a savory crepe with blistered tomatoes and avocado

Camouflage the cheese but not its flavor. Try adding cottage cheese to make the batter for savory crepes. Add cottage cheese with egg whites and oats and mix it in the blender.

In less than 5 minutes, the batter will be ready to make crepes. Stuff the cooked crepes with smokey blistered tomatoes and creamy avocado.

Another option is to make regular crepes and fill them with a dollop of cottage cheese for extra creaminess and satiation. Top the savory crepe top with chunks of pineapple for a tingle of sweet and sour flavor.

Bake mini-Frittatas with mushroom

Another simple yet delicious option for breakfast is baking mini frittatas with mushrooms. The recipe is quick and simple but gives you the required boost in the morning.

This muffin-shaped cottage cheese, feta, and mushroom is small in size but big in taste. Serve them hot to taste the best flavors.

Use it in your favorite dip

Please don’t limit the cottage cheese to making breakfasts and lasagnas; use them to make your favorite dip. Use a combination of spinach and cottage cheese and make a mouth-watery blend. The green and white complement each other perfectly.

Typically, you may use sour cream or mayonnaise for dips, but switching it with cottage cheese will increase its protein value while lowering the fat content. At the same time, add essential portions of calcium to your food.

Add depth to your Pesto

Add depth to the pesto with a bit of cottage cheese. Make sure you are not substituting it for any other ingredient to taste the full flavor.

You can add it to pesto made with pistachios or walnuts or the one with basil-pine nut-parm-olive oil-garlic. Adding cottage cheese to pesto enhances its nutritious value.


Are you still not sure about what you can make with cottage cheese? The above mentioned are some of the recipes that you can make using cottage cheese. The uses are endless, while you get the chance to taste savory flavors. On top of all, if you have a creative cooking spirit, you can get the most out of this highly polarizing and nutritious ingredient.

During the pandemic, try new things and add more flavors to make a healthy eating routine. You have all the time now to invest in your cooking skills and polis.

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