8 Most Delicious and Healthy Poblano Pepper Substitutes

The poblano pepper is one of the most popular pepper varieties. Most often, they are used in Mexican cuisine. You can use this pepper in a variety of meals because of its earthy and rich flavor and its relatively mild spiciness. Almost everyone loves the spicy and delicious flavor of poblano peppers, but sometimes you have to choose Poblano Pepper Substitutes. Because the only side effect it has is; it is not easily available in the market.

Want to spice up your food and you cannot find poblano at your local grocery store? Do not worry, we have brought you the 8 Most Delicious and Healthy Poblano Pepper Substitutes that will keep your dish just as flavorful!

8 Best Poblano Pepper Substitutes

Poblano peppers can be substituted with many different types without any main differences. Here are some Poblano pepper substitutes that will satisfy your craving for spicy food.

Anaheim Peppers

Anaheim peppers are known as the “Mexican long green pepper” or just simply “long green chili” because they can measure up to 12 inches in length. These lovely chilis have a mild flavor when compared with other peppers. Anaheim peppers have thin walls which allow them to cook quickly and absorb liquid or flavor. It can be cut into small cubes or slices and placed into a dish for tasting.

Anaheim Peppers are a great substitute for Poblano Peppers, in terms of taste and texture. You can make the same dishes from poblano and anaheim pepper. Anaheim pepper is spicier than Poblano pepper.

Jalapeno Peppers

The most widely used substitute for Poblano pepper is jalapeno. Due to their thick covering and large cavity inside, they can also be used in stuffing recipes. 

Jalapeno peppers are a great choice for those who like mild heat in their dishes. These chile peppers have more of an earthy flavor than the Anaheim pepper, but they pair nicely with poblano peppers and can be used to make Mexican recipes. They are easily found in the grocery store and can be stored for several weeks if kept away from sunlight.

Cubanelle peppers

Cubanelle peppers are also known as sweet Italian peppers. They have a mild sweetness and thin walls, so they adapt well to many kinds of dishes in the place of poblano peppers. But you have to stuff it gently due to its thin walls. 

Most people also enjoy the fact that it can be eaten raw or cooked in many dishes since their mildness is ten times greater than poblanos’ and they are not too spicy. That’s why they are not ideal for recipes that call for chopped or diced peppers. 

Bell Pepper

Bell peppers are similar in shape but milder than poblano peppers. Many people would say they are lacking in spice. If spicing up your dish is your priority, add a bit of chili powder, instead of using peppers on their own. However, they are one of the best substitutes for poblano pepper in many recipes due to their thicks walls.

They’ve got a lot of health benefits too! Bell peppers are very low in calories and fat but high in fiber and Vitamin C. Besides being a flavorful, nutritious addition to any dish, bell peppers add color and texture.

TIP: If you do not like the taste of bell peppers, you could roast them before use to enhance their flavor and sweetness.

Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne is the most essential spice in our kitchen. They are long and thin and cannot be used in stuffing recipes. But it is not a problem as they spice up food at their best in powdered or dry form.

Cayenne Pepper has many health benefits. It is a high source of Vitamin A and C, which provide antioxidant protection from colds and other illnesses. It is also a good source of fiber and uplifts metabolism. It also helps people with diabetes because it has a low glycemic index. 

It would therefore be wise to include these peppers in your home recipes more often.

New Mexico chilies

New Mexico chile, is a type of chili pepper. They look a lot like a poblano pepper, but they have a milder taste. This pepper is great for baking goods, stews, stir-fries, soups, and sauces. If the recipe calls for a hot pepper, you should use New Mexico chilies instead of poblano peppers. 

The crunchy and crispy texture of green New Mexico chiles is similar to that of garlic and onions. Usually, they are fried for at least five minutes in a frying pan before they are used for a recipe, but they can also be added right away.

Guajillo peppers

Guajillo peppers are small dried chile peppers that come in a variety of colors like dark brown, black, or purple. They are used in many traditional dishes. The guajillo pepper has a rich, smoky flavor. When it is cooked, its flavor becomes sweeter and smoother. They may be eaten fresh or dried, but normally they’re cooked in sauces to add spiciness to the meal, preserve them for future use, or even create a sauce from them.

They are also large and mild with red, rough skin. They can be used as an alternative to poblano peppers since they are usually cheaper, but they have a more acidic taste than the poblano pepper.

Ancho Pepper Chilies

An ancho pepper is a dried poblano chili pepper with a mild flavor and low heat level – they also look like oversized raisins. They are very dark red in color and are used in the form of powder or paste. These peppers are not so spicy and have a rich, earthy flavor that is perfect in stews or sauces for meats.

As compared to fresh Poblano pepper, Ancho chili has a more spicy and smoky flavor, Which can greatly impact the flavor of your dish.

How to Choose the Best Poblano Pepper Substitute?

Above- Mentioned poblano pepper alternatives, obviously, cannot be exactly the same. They differ little from each other in their shape and spiciness level. Due to which they cannot be used in the same recipe.

Choosing an alternative depends on your own personal taste. You must consider not only the taste but also the nature of the dish or food item you are planning to prepare.

Let’s examine all the factors that can influence your choices.

Level of spiciness

Some people are not tolerant of spicy peppers. Poblano peppers are mildly spicy as compared to many of its alternatives. you should first consider the nature of the food you are going to make before choosing the poblano pepper substitute. Choosing the wrong alternative that does not suit your recipe can ruin your dish and it can also be very harmful to your health.

Physical characteristics

Every recipe demands a different shaped pepper depending on its requirement. If you enjoy the taste of stuffed pepper chilies, you should choose the pepper with a thick wall and large cavity. Such peppers are not easily broken, so they can carry a large amount of meat or vegetable stuffing. However, thin-walled peppers are the best choice if you want to garnish your food or make a spicy sauce.

Recipe type

When looking for a poblano pepper substitute You must consider all the ingredients you would need when preparing the food. This would help you to choose the perfect alternative pepper. you need to choose a different chili every time when your recipe demands sliced or diced chili or powdered chili.

TIP: Anaheim pepper could suit best for recipes that demand sliced or diced pepper. And if you want spicy food you should choose cayenne pepper.


The poblano pepper is a delicious, versatile ingredient that can be used in many recipes to add an authentic Mexican flavor. We have compiled 8 tasty and healthy alternatives that you can try as poblano pepper substitutes to spice up your food. However, you should choose an alternative that suits your taste and recipe. So choose an alternative wisely according to the food you want to make to satisfy your cravings. 

Happy Cooking!

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