How To Warm Tortillas and Keep Them Soft

Warm tortillas are a staple in many Mexican dishes. A tortilla is a round thin bread that is made from corn or wheat flour. It works as a base or wrap, such as in tacos, enchiladas and burritos. They are sometimes cut into pieces and fried crisp to be used as scoops for sauced or stewed dishes.  Tortillas are delicious and healthy, they are high in fibre,vitamin and minerals and low in calories.

How To Warm Tortillas and Keep Them Soft is a life saving thing to know as tortillas are a must have thing on the dining table.There are several ways you can warm your tortillas that will help them stay soft and warm for longer. We are going to share our experienced ways to keep tortillas soft, as well as some tips on how to make sure your tortillas come out perfectly every time. 

Methods on How To Warm Tortillas and Keep Them Soft

Your choice of how to heat and warm your tortillas will affect how they will hold and taste when used in your recipes. Here are some methods to heat tortilla.

How to Heat Tortillas in the Oven

The first way is by microwaving them between two paper towels or two napkins (the latter is better because it will absorb any excess moisture). 

The oven method allows you to simultaneously warm a large number of tortillas. It’s ideal if you have a big group of friends and family visiting and need to heat your tortillas fast. To do so, you’ll need some aluminum foil. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Wrap a stack of five tortillas in aluminum foil and heat for 15 to 20 minutes, or until heated through.
Repeat until all your tortillas are warm!

Make sure to keep and eye throughout the process.

How to Heat Tortillas using Steamer

Add about half an inch of water to the bottom of the stovetop steamer. Pour sufficient water into an electric steamer to cover the minimum fill line. This works well when you need to heat many tortillas at once. Wrap a heavy towel around a stack of 12 at a time. Place the tortillas in the steamer. Steam for 60 seconds. If steam starts escaping from the bottom pot, turn off the heat or turn off the steamer. Allow the tortillas to rest for 15 minutes. And then soft tortillas are ready to serve.

How to Heat Tortillas on the stove

It can be difficult to find a way to heat tortillas on the stove that doesn’t leave them burnt or too soft. You can use a skillet or direct fire to heat tortillas on the stove.

Using a skillet

Heating tortillas in a pan is an easy and delicious solution. Heat your pan with oil if your tortilla is some days old and without oil if the tortilla is fresh.Then Place a tortilla in the heated up pan for 30 seconds, change the side when bubbles pop up. 

The best part about this method is that it’s quick and you don’t have to take up much space on your top stove! This will help you save time, money, and energy all at once!

Using Direct flame

It’s quite simple to make tortillas on the gas stove. Simply turn on your gas burner and set the heat to medium low. Take one end of the tortilla with tongs and place it directly over the flame. Allow the tortilla to sit over the fire for 15-30 seconds before flipping it over. Once the tortilla begins to bubble, it’s ready to use. Keep the tortillas warm by placing them in a tortilla warmer or a couple of damp dishcloths.

Use this method only when the tortillas are very fresh.

Keeping Your Tortillas Soft After Reheating

It’s difficult to keep a reheated tortilla soft, depending on the texture it has when first cooked (corn or wheat flour, with other additives), the method used to cook it, and how long it’s been since the tortilla was made.

Cover them with foil and a towel

To keep tortillas warm for about 15 minutes without a tortilla warmer, wrap them in foil and towels. Wrap each stack of tortillas in foil and then cover that with a towel.

 Use a tortilla warmer

Tortilla warmers are circular pots with detachable lids, keeping tortillas warmer for a longer time. They’re typically made of plastic, ceramic, or terra cotta, and some are oven-safe for the oven as well.

Tortilla warmers are also used to heat tortillas directly. Most tortilla warmers require a wet paper towel at the bottom of the container, followed by approximately eight tortillas.

Use a cloth tortilla warmer

Place a tortilla inside a cloth and heat it in the microwave. The insulating and moisture-wicking cloth keeps the tortillas warm and soft for over an hour.

Final words

Warming tortilla seems like an easy job but very few know how to actually Warm Tortillas and Keep Them Soft. Warming your tortillas and keeping them soft depends on two factors, the type of grain used and the remaining shelf life. You can keep corn tortillas soft by heating them over a bare flame or in a frying pan. Alternatively, the best method for reheating wheat flour tortillas is to use a less drastic method, such as a microwave oven or steam – be sure to stack them in a soft towel to prevent them from drying out.

To avoid tortilla being dry it is hard to wrap the tortillas in a damp cloth and place them in a basket, plastic, or polystyrene tortilla warmer to keep them warm after they’ve been cooked. If you don’t have a tortilla warmer, wrap the stack of damp towels in a slightly larger bowl and cover it with a plate instead.

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