How To Organize Kitchen Utensils

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Having a well-organized kitchen is an integral part of making anyone feel like they live in a happy home. If the kitchen is messy, then it feels like everything else in the house is a complete disaster. No matter how large your kitchen is, keeping it organized can be challenging.

Because It is not always easy to keep your utensils in order. The kitchen is often cluttered with cooking tools because they have different sizes and shapes. We will discuss How To Organize Kitchen Utensils like spoons and knives for the best storage experience. The Best Ways to Organize Kitchen Utensils will help you find any utensils you need quickly and easily.

The Best Ways to Organize Kitchen Utensils for maximum efficiency

While cooking, you need your wooden spoon and spatula within reach, but what if you have to clutter up every available drawer to find it? That would be so disappointing! That’s why we have brought many ways for you to organize kitchen utensils for maximum efficiency. Besides having clean and orderly utensil drawers, these tips will allow you to keep them out of the way, so they don’t clump together or get in each other’s way when opening drawers.

Cooking Utensil Drawer without divider

Storing a variety of cooking tools can be challenging. One of the best ways to manage kitchen mess is using a drawer organizer that easily and quickly finds the utensil you are looking for.

Spoons and spatulas come in different sizes. That’s why it is difficult to organize them in a drawer without jumbling. You can easily find utensils and reduce the mess in your drawers by placing them one beside one with a little space so they don’t get mixed up. If you do not have enough space in your drawer, you can also make a stack of spoons and spatulas that are the same size. 

But this tip will only work if your habit of placing the utensils in their place after use.

Place utensils diagonally in a drawer

Utensils can be difficult to organize because they are not straight or sit flat in their slots. To ensure that utensils stay organized and easily accessible, set them up in a drawer diagonally to keep them safe and neat. So simple, yet so brilliant! 

Do you not have a drawer with a diagonal divider in your kitchen? That’s nothing to worry about. We will help you to make a custom divider drawer for you.

Cooking Utensil Drawer with divider

Utensil drawer dividers help organize utensils, and they are fairly easy to make.

You will need hobby wood, wood glue, and wax paper for this project. Measure the size of the drawer and cut the wood accordingly. Mak as many dividers as you want and then fix them with glue inside the drawer. You can also use your favorite drawer liner instead of wood.

This will make it easier to find utensils when you need them and prevent the drawers from becoming cluttered.

Turn a Grater into a Utensil Holder

Turning a cheese grater into a utensil holder is an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to spruce up your kitchen. Hang a grater in a hook or attach it to an old cutting board upside down to serve as utensil storage.  Add your kitchen spoons, spatulas, or whisks, and you’re all set. You can also use it as a container to hold pretty flowers or even a holder for rolled-up Kitchen towels.

Use an old rake to organize utensils

Farmhouse-style kitchens are trendy right now, and this rake utensil holder would be a stylish addition to your kitchen. Its rustic design complements any kitchen, especially in the organization, since you can attach the rake to the board using screws. Remember to use one screw at all times and make sure the nails don’t cause damage to walls. You can add hooks to either side of this item so you can use it as a potholder.

Organize utensils with tin cans

Tin cans are a fantastic way to organize utensils. They can hold spoons, forks, knives, and napkins. Clean and empty tin cans work great as utensil holders. They also make a good decorative item.

The process of making utensils organizer from a can is simple: use painter’s tape to stick tabs on the cans and then paint any colors you want to create a bright, fun decoration. Before you begin, make sure to file the edge of cans with a metal filer at the top because these edges may be sharp. After the paint dry, place the jars in the corner of shelf and place your utensils in it. Wasn’t it so simple to make?

Making a Rotating Utensil Caddy

The stylish kitchen is everyone’s favorite, and adding a rotating utensils holder adds beauty to it. But they are not in everyone’s budget. What if we could DIY it? DIY tricks are quite useful, and so is making a rotating utensil caddy at home.

Grab a wooden circle and some beautiful stainless steel cups. Stick the cups on the top with the help of glue. Now enjoy your simple yet attractive utensils holder. Wasn’t it so simple?

Use cabinet doors to organize utensils

Organization Ideas for Inside Cabinet Doors Managing utensils like spoons, spatulas, and spice boxes inside the cabinet door is undoubtedly a great idea. Managing your utensils in this way lets you save a lot of space in your kitchen and is simple to do.  Place a sticky hanging rode inside the cabinet and hang your spatulas in it. You can also install a wooden rack to place spice boxes like salt, chili powder, parsley, etc.

Use a magnetic knife strip

Magnetic knife strips are capable of holding stainless steel spoons, knives, ladles, whisks, and other can place a magnetic strip in wall or inside the cabinet

Put them in Mason jars in a drawer

Mason jars make excellent organizers. Lay them down on their side in a drawer and put different spoons and spatulas in different boxes.

Pull-Out Cabinet Utensil Organizer

If you are the one who does not like to hang your utensils on a wall or place them in a jar, then one option for you is to integrate a new customized cabinet. A deep upright drawer is perfect for utensil storage. Make a drawer that is less in width and more in length. Make 3-4 built-in boxes in it for storage holding. With these drawers, utensils are available to use without a mess, making cooking more fun.


Every home cook is tired of kitchen utensils always being all over the place. When you’re short on kitchen storage space, finding the right home for all your utensils, cookware, and appliances can be tricky. We have explored several different ways on How To Organize Kitchen Utensils and tools, so you can make the most of your space and save yourself a lot of time when cooking and preparing meals. So why not start organizing your kitchen today? 

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