How to Fix too Much Garlic?

Garlic is one of the most universally beloved spices. It is used in almost every cuisine for its zesty flavor and aroma, and its taste makes the dishes tastier. Some people do not mind the access garlic in their meal but, the fact is that garlic has a strong flavor, and it may overpower other tastes in a meal. In some circumstances, excessive garlic or garlic powder might even make your food unpalatable. 

Excess of everything is bad, and the same is in the case of Garlic.

New cooks may find it challenging to manage ingredients in their recipe as per the need, and they may often experience mishaps of adding too much garlic in their dishes. For those cooks, it is necessary to know How to Fix too Much Garlic to avoid the weird expressions of family members at the dining table.

How to Fix too Much Garlic

There are a few techniques you may take to reduce the garlic flavor.

Remove the excess garlic

If you are lucky enough that you have used whole cloves of garlic in the dish, you can simply remove them with the help of a spoon, and this will tone down the garlic flavor.

This technique won’t work if you have used chopped garlic in your dish. Of course, you can not separate the mixture of garlic from the food, but you can use these simple techniques mentioned below.

Dilute the garlic or garlic powder

Diluting is the easiest way to reduce excessive garlic. No matter what type of garlic you use, you can add more water or tomato sauce to it to cut its flavor.

Regular garlic and garlic powder, or even a garlic paste or sauce, can be reduced in intensity with this method. If you do not want to add water, you can add the main ingredients of the dish to lessen down the taste of garlic.

Increase or decrease the cooking temperature

When garlic is raw, it has a stronger taste, and increasing the temperature would cut the garlic taste. But be sure to keep an eye on your dish to avoid burning it.

If you do not want to add any extra ingredients, simmer the dish for a long time. In this way, you can reduce excess raw and bitter garlic taste in your dish.

Rest the dish for a few hours or overnight

You can allow the dish to rest for a few hours if you’re not in a rush. During the time you allowed it to rest, the garlic would have been cooked if it was still raw when you tasted it. In addition, if you refrigerate the dish overnight, this will make the garlic taste less prominent.

Add aromatic herbs and spices

You can benefit from fresh herbs such as parsley, oregano, basil, or mixed herbs to avoid the extra taste of garlic. Adding these herbs to your dish balances the taste of the spices in the dish. But be careful while adding the quantity of herbs.

Balance the taste with onion

Onion and garlic make a great combination in any dish. If you have added an excessive amount of garlic to the dish, do not worry; adding more onion to the dish will fix it. The sweet taste of onion will add more flavour to your dish.

Add a sweetener

You can definitely reduce the intensity of garlic in your food by adding some sweetness. You could use honey, sugar, or maple syrup. In almost any dish with too much garlic, you can add a sweetener as long as you don’t make it too sweet. Keep adding a small amount until the right taste is achieved.

Add tomato paste 

You can eliminate many cooking problems by using tomato paste, including too much garlic. It also enhances the flavour of food.

Tomato paste works great in stews and soups, especially cream soups. However, if you add too much garlic to stews and soups, you can use tomato paste. 

Add dairy products

When your dish has a strong garlic taste, adding a dairy product of your choice could help. But this method is not suitable for all dishes, For example, Humus. But It would work well with mashed potatoes and other sauces. 

Add some acidic ingredient

Acidic ingredients can reduce the taste of garlic in a very efficient way. As garlic is naturally alkaline, we can neutralize the alkaline solution by adding acidic substances such as lime juice, vinegar, or lemon juice. When you give your dish the final touch, add some drops of an acidic solution and mix it well.

Be sure to keep checking the dish as you add additional ingredients to fix garlic.

Essential Tips for Fixing Garlic In Different kinds of Dishes

You can easily fix a dish with too much garlic taste. Above mentioned are some tips which you can use to set too much garlic. 

Here are a few quick tips you can use to fix too much garlic according to the nature of the dish.

  • You can easily dilute the garlic flavour in a dish that includes liquid ingredients by adding more liquid components.
  • Rather than fixing an overly garlicky dish, you can serve it with complementary dishes. In this case, Potatoes, bread, and rice are good options.
  • Raw salad recipes that are too garlicky can be balanced out by adding more raw ingredients.

Keep checking your dish while you add any of the above mentioned remedies. 

Worth of Garlic in Kitchen

Garlic is one of the most popular herbs found in kitchens around the world, and it has been used as a flavoring agent to use in various dishes all over the world for centuries. It is also used for therapeutic purposes to cure many diseases and health conditions such as colds, fever, gastric problems, toothache, earache, and even pain from insect bites.

Benefits of Garlic

Garlic exhibits several health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol and reducing blood pressure. It is like a blessing for heart patients because its consumption reduces mortality rates from heart disease.

Garlic contains low calories, so it is also beneficial for diet-conscious people. It boosts up the immune system and relieves fever and cold, and it is a calcium provider which makes the bones strong.

But unfortunately, there is a minor negative aspect of using too much garlic in cooking. The strong scent emanating from the mouth for at least half a day after consumption can be annoying to others who are not used to it. The consumption of food containing garlic may even leave an unpleasant odor on your breath and body, leaving you to feel self-conscious.


How to fix too much garlic is all about finding and striking a perfect balance with the use of other ingredients. But be careful and add them gradually because it is crucial to get that perfect balance of the overall flavor of your dish.

The next time you have too much garlic in your food, try these easy tricks to help out. After using these techniques, fixing too much garlic in my food does not seem a problem to me anymore. And so it will be in your case! It’s all about the artistic skills to combine ingredients with a bit of patience and some fixing skills.

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