How to Clean Built Up Grease on Waffle Iron – Quick and Easy tips

When in doubt, make waffles. But does your waffle iron has grease? You would probably want to know how to clean built up grease on waffle iron because who doesn’t love waffles…

(Obviously, someone who has not tried it yet!)

Crispy waffles with maple syrup can change your mood instantly. That being said, the difficulty faced with cleaning waffle iron after making waffles may prevent us from eating this delectable dessert again and again.

The grease on the waffle maker is often difficult to rid of. People often raise the question of how one can easily clean the grease accumulated on the waffle iron without damaging it in any way.

The pattern on the waffle maker makes cleaning difficult.

Yes, we also cannot put it in the dishwasher if we really want to make waffles again.

Waffle irons contain a non-stick surface, just like most skillets for frying chicken; thus, using soap is a NO.  So what are the other ways that also do not damage the appliance? Use a wet cloth or paper to eradicate excess grease from it. This is one thing.

Let us take you to the rest.

Clean the grease sticking on the waffle iron: few easy steps to follow

In order to clean the waffle iron, you would require a few tools, which include a brush, a paper towel, a spatula, and a damp cloth. What next? Now, you need to follow the directions.

Step 1: Unplug the waffle maker to let it cool

To clean a waffle maker, you must first prep it. After use, unplug the waffle iron and let it cool entirely.

Word of Caution: Be careful not to touch the waffle iron with bare hands. It can injure and burn bare skin.

Step 2: Brush the crumbs off it

Now you need to remove all the crumbs from the waffle maker. If the crumbs get stuck in the waffle maker, it can cause problems the next time you make waffles on them; thus, be wary. (The waffle would become uneven) remove them all with a soft brush.

Step 3: use a paper towel to clean the plates

Wipe off the plate with a paper towel. A paper towel will help remove the grease from it and make it easier for you to clean the waffle iron. Remove the excess oil and the remaining crumbs from the waffle pan.

Step 4: remove the dry parts using a rubber spatula

You can have dried parts of the waffle on the waffle pan. Make Use of a rubber spatula to take them off the board. The spatula prevents unwanted scratches on the waffle tray.

Word of caution: Never use sharp objects, such as a knife or fork, on the waffle iron.

This can remove the non-stick layer of the waffle maker, making it harmful to use and prone to rusting.

Step 5: Clean the baking tray using a damp cloth

Finally, take a damp cloth and wipe the waffle iron with it. A damp cloth will help you remove all particles and all oil from the waffle iron.

A damp cloth will also help ensure that the waffle iron has moisture so that scrumptious waffles can be cooked in the future. Do not use soap or abrasives on the pan to avoid damaging the waffle iron you have.

You can enjoy the waffle-making process more if you can easily clean the waffle maker for further use. With this simple waffle iron cleaning process, you can enjoy waffles at any time of the day to enjoy your free time or satisfy your appetite.

So, what’s more here?

How can one clean a cast iron waffle maker?

Cast iron waffle makers can be divided into parts making your life easier. They come inseparable parts to help you immerse or clean them in the water. The worthwhile way to clean a cast-iron waffle maker is to clean it with soapy water, followed by lubricating it with grease.

(Reason: the cast iron can rust)

Therefore, it is important to oil it and cleans it with a mild soap + water solution. After cleaning it with mild soaps, lubricate it with grease or oil. The soap makes the surface of the cast iron waffle iron harsher, preventing the waffle mix from sticking to the surface.

Best way to clean an old waffle iron?

An old waffle iron can become rusty. They aren’t like most of our stainless steel cookware. Thus, they require extraordinary care. In order to clean the iron, use a waffle iron cleaning brush on the entire iron and scrape off the rust. Then clean the parts with boiling water, followed by lubricating the waffle iron. 

Now you would have a smooth and functional waffle iron to make waffles on.

Thank us later.

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Thank us later for that, too.

How to lubricate a waffle maker without a spray?

Lubricating a waffle iron is an important step. One does not always have to put or spray oil on the waffle iron. You can also lubricate the waffle maker with a spatula or a rubber brush.

The results will be just the same.

FAQs – How to Clean Built Up Grease on Waffle Iron

You may have a lot of questions, but we would cover the basic ones for you in advance.

how to clean a waffle iron without removable plates?

To clean such a waffle iron, unplug it and wash it by hand. You will need to use a soft swab or brush to remove and clean the food particles left behind.

How to clean burnt waffle sugar?

To clean burnt sugar, use the soda method. For this, one needs to mix baking soda with water and soda and gently scrub the problem areas, followed by a thorough rinse with lukewarm water.

Can I put the waffle racks in the dishwasher?

Some waffle racks can be impaired by the dishwasher. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to find out if your specific model can be handled by the dishwasher. If you are unsure, exercise caution and wash them by hand.

Should I use cooking spray on the waffle pan?

No. Cooking spray can build up on the plates and leave a dirty, greasy residue that can destroy the iron in real. Instead, use a kitchen brush to apply the oil to the dishes or butter them before switching on the iron.

Bottom Line

Now that we have answered how to clean built-up grease on waffle iron when you are preparing one?

These simple steps can actually go a long way when trying to keep a waffle iron clean and making it last longer. The rule of thumb suggests that one should take due care of all the appliances if they want them to last until the manufacturer guarantees.

As far as waffle iron is concerned, well, you would not want to deprive yourself of mouthwatering waffles.

You are welcome ☺

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