Can You Use Cast Iron on a Glass Top Stove – Step by Step Guide

A simple answer would be “yes.” It is not the complete answer, though. Can you use cast iron on a glass top stove? That is subjected to how you use it.

Cast iron on a glass stove is no longer a nightmare. If you follow the instructions we give you, you may prefer to use cast iron on glass plates without any scratches that detract from the appearance of your glass plate.

While many people say that it would be best to not bring a glass top stove and cast iron in contact, we would say that you can.

How to use cast iron cookware on a glass top stove

Cast iron cookware is widely known for its health benefits is one of the favorites in many kitchens. Its heat-retaining properties provide additional value. Now comes the real part that you’ve been waiting for. Can you use cast iron on a glass top stove? Umm… let’s check out.

Many people use cast iron cookware sets on a glass stove without giving much thought to the damage. Some people fear that their newly purchased glass stoves may be destroyed by a cast iron cookware set. Popular glass stoves look shiny and attractive. Of course, many people want their glass stoves to be kept in perfect condition for as long as possible. Some scratches on the upper glass stove will change the overall look.

Will the glass top stove break?

After a point, it really does. We will tell you the causes and reasons for when it may burst. Try to avoid those if you want a glass hob that lasts longer.

Weight of cast iron pans

Cast iron pans with added food are very heavy. Be sure to read the manuals to know the weight that the glass hob can put up with. Also, check that the bottoms of the dishes are not damaged. Generally, use flat cast iron pans on glass hobs.

Avoid the cookware from falling

Because they are made of glass, be cautious not to drop any dishes on them. The exteriors of glass hobs, like most types of glass, are susceptible to impact damage. If you accidentally drop the dishes or utensils, their weight or impact may break the surface. Even when switching from the burner to another surface, the dishes should be lifted correctly. Never drag it. Ever.

The dimensions of cast-iron cookware and the size of the burner

Placing large cookware on a small burner is not at all recommended as it could lead to surface blisters. Select a burner size that matches the pan radius. As a result, it can also lead to damaging the glass stovetop.

Make sure you use them very safely

Follow the instructions for safe handling to prevent the glass on the hob from breaking. Solid objects, such as bottles or filling pots, cannot be placed on the glass hob. Exercise caution when putting large dishes on the hob. Do not use knives on a glass plate for chopping. Do not leave the burner hot without the pot. They could damage the layer.

Cast iron heating is slower

Your cast iron cookware can heat up quickly on gas. However, cast iron cookware takes some time to heat on the glass stovetop. We recommend that you heat the cast-iron dishes at a low temperature and then switch to a medium-high temperature to distribute the heat evenly.

Note: You may need to preheat several times with thick and wide cast-iron grates.

The right cast iron pan for your glass top

Can you use cast iron on a glass top stove - cat iron pan

When buying a new cast iron pan for the kitchen, make sure that the base of the pan is not more than one inch larger than the size of your burner. Ensure they have a flat bottom and an outer surface with a smooth surface.

Wash the cast iron before you put them on the stove for heating. Wash everything thoroughly after cooking anything with cast iron on a glass hob. Clean completely after cooling. You can wipe the hob with mild or highly abrasive stove top cleaners. We also recommend washing cast iron pans before using them for cooking.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Let’s make you a bit less confused.

How can one prevent the cast iron from scratching the glass top stove?

Cast iron cookware is not good for your glass stove. If you feel this is the only way to cook, you need to purchase an induction mat that will allow you to protect the glass plate.

What style of cookware should you avoid?

Avoid anything with a rounded bottom. Always choose something smooth and flat.

Which pans shouldn’t be used on a glass stove?

To avoid damaging glass stoves, avoid glass, earthenware, traditional ceramic, and cast iron pots and pans that have not been made to be compatible with glass stoves.

Bottom Line

When thinking about “can you use cast iron on a glass top stove,” we can offer a tip. It may not be the same, but choosing an enameled cast iron container might be the perfect compromise.

Many brands offer cast-iron cookware coated exclusively with porcelain enamel, which, aside from the weight, can function similarly to a real-life solution while remaining succinctly thin to be used on glass top stoves. When placing cast iron on glass cooktops, keep in mind that this can be harmful.

However, if you take all the above measures and cook with caution, you will certainly be able to do so.

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