Best Rice Cooker Under $100

Gadgets and appliances that save people’s time and make their lives less stressful are always in demand. After all, they make life more flexible. Rice Cooker is one of them. Rice is an every table dish as rice lovers are everywhere in the world. Well, Who doesn’t love to eat firm-textured, perfectly cooked rice?

On the other hand, Cooking rice is a daunting task for many people, but there are several ways to make the process easier. One way to cook perfect rice every time is by using a rice cooker. Rice cookers range in price and usability. They can cook rice in minutes without any hassle to relieve your cooking worries. That is why we have selected Best Rice Cooker Under $100 to make you worry-free!

The rice cooker is a staple in any household. It not only cooks delicious rice but can also be used to make many other dishes. The best part about a rice cooker is that it does all the work for you! So, if you’re looking for an easy way to cook your favourite dish without breaking a sweat, then go for our carefully selected Best Rice Cooker Under $100.

Our Top Picks!

Please take a look at our top picks first. You might find what you are looking for.

BEST OVERALL: Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Rice Cooker
BEST BUDGET PICK: Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker
BEST FAMILY PICK: COMFEE’ (5.2Qt ) Large Capacity Rice Cooker

Keep reading to see our other best picks, too;

List of 5 Best Rice Cookers Under $100

Although there are a large number of rice cookers out there in the market, our reviewed 5 Best Rice Cookers Under $100 will help you narrow down your decision-making process!

Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker
  • 3 in 1 functions
  • BPA free
  • Aluminum material
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Panasonic SR-G06FG Panasonic SR-G06FG
  • Multi- Lingual operating instructions
  • steamer 
  • one touch system
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Cuisinart CRC-400 Cuisinart CRC-400
  • Three years warranty 
  • Tempered glass
  • Stay cool function
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COMFEE' (5.2Qt) COMFEE’ (5.2Qt)
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Sleek & compact design.
  • 12 digital cooking program
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Instant Pot Rice Cooker Instant Pot Rice Cooker
  • Compact size
  • 7 in 1 functionality
  • 70% faster than conventional cookers
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Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker – 3 in 1 functions

Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker

aroma 3 in 1 rice cooker

Aroma Houseware is known for making the best kitchen appliances that are easy to use, have a huge capacity, and are affordable.

Aroma Housewares rice cooker is a simple and effective way to cook delicious rice every time. This version of the rice cooker is a new and improved design from Aroma Housewares featuring 3 in 1 functions of rice cooker, steamer, and slow cooker. It has a digital control panel that allows you to program the cooking time so that your rice is ready when you are. In addition, the nonstick aluminum inner pot makes it easy to clean up after cooking and ensures that your food won’t stick. 

The Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker is a multi-functional appliance that can be used to cook different types of rice, porridge, soup, stew, and even a fluffy cake. It has a slow cooking function which allows you to prepare your favorite meals while you are at work. The automatic keep warm keeps your food warm until you are ready for it. By consuming less time for cooking, it preserves all the valuable nutrition of your food as well.

This digital rice cooker features an LCD with clock and timer functions. There is also a delay timer that lets you program the cooking time up to 12 hours in advance so that your food will be ready when you get home from work.

It has an XL capacity so that it can cook up to 20 cups of rice. The steaming basket lets you steam vegetables at the same time while cooking rice. This rice cooker also comes with accessories: a spatula, serving spoon, measuring cup, and recipe booklet.

No doubt, Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker is a great addition to your kitchen. 

  • Non stick coating
  • Nutritious & Delicious food
  • It has Keep warm function
  • Easy to use and wash
  • User and budget friendly
  • The lid is not washable and removable
  • Sometimes the inner pot does not adjust correctly

Panasonic SR-G06FG Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR-G06FG

Space saving panasonic rice cooker

Rice preparation can be tricky at times, especially when it is prepared in a saucepan. Panasonic’s SR-G06FG super-efficient standalone rice cooker makes life easy with its one-touch operation and automatic turning off once the rice is cooked. An indicator light on the front indicates that the rice is ready to eat. 

It has a see-through glass lid so you can monitor the cooking process without lifting the lid and disturbing your rice. This rice cooker also has a nonstick inner pot that is removable for cleaning. In addition, it comes with a measuring cup, a Serving spoon, and Multilingual Operating Instruction Manual.

Probably the best thing about the Panasonic SR-G06FG Automatic Rice Cooker is its size. You can easily place it on your countertop by taking only a small space. Thus, you can use the rest of your kitchen table to prepare other ingredients while your rice cooker cooks your tasty carbs.

It can hold up to 3 cups of uncooked rice. Additionally, this rice cooker is equipped with an automatic keep-warm feature which will maintain the temperature until your food is ready to eat.

By carefully following the instructions and measuring scoops, anyone can cook firmly cooked rice in only 20 minutes.

  • Space saving
  • Not so Expensive
  • Easy control
  • Easy to clean
  • See-through glass lid
  • Lacks advance features
  • Not recommended for cooking brown rice

Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice Cooker

Cuisinart CRC-400

modern design rice cooker

Cuisinart’s CRC-400 4-Cup Rice Cooker is perfect for small households. Its compact size and square shape fit easily on the countertop, while the stainless steel exterior adds style to your kitchen decor.

It has a unique steaming basket that lets you steam meats, vegetables, and even dumplings at the same time as your rice. It also features an automatic Keep Warm function to keep rice warm until serving time, so the food does not burn or stick around anywhere inside.

This chrome-plated cooker allows for easy preparation and handling during cooking because of its cooler design. This rice cooker also features steam ventilation that prevents splattering.

Along with the fluffy rice, juicy meat and tasty veggies are also loved by most of the families. That’s why the Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice cooker Is a perfect package for you to steam your rice, meat, and vegetables to perfection.

  • Cooks manually
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Modern design
  • Perfect for a small family
  • Creates mess

COMFEE’ (5.2Qt ) Large Capacity Rice Cooker

COMFEE’ (5.2Qt)

comfee rice cooker for large families and parties

The Comfee brand has never failed to amuse rice lovers with their continuous up-gradation and launching of new digital rice cookers.

COMFEE’ Rice Cooker is ideal for busy families. As you can pre-set the timer for preparing your food right from the 30 minutes time frame to 12 hours time frame and guess what your cooker will serve you with the right amount and right taste food at the right time. It includes a digital touchscreen and LED display. It auto warms the food for 12 hours and has a 24-hour delay timer for flexible meal planning.

Steaming vegetables, fish, meats, stews, or whatever you want to eat is easy with the steaming rack mounted to the cooking pot. You can make pasta, rice, soup, stews, saute, veggies, and even yoghurt in it. It is dishwasher safe, and the lid holder keeps your kitchen counter clean.

The device is equipped with numerous safety features such as cool touch, single-touch operation, and a complete digital panel for easy and convenient operation. Additionally, this rice cooker is made from BPA-free plastic.

  • Easy to use digital panel
  • Dishwasher safe cooker
  • Cool touch handle
  • Designed for big families or parties
  • Best budget-friendly
  • No manual book is provided with it for easy use

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Rice Cooker

Instant Pot Rice Cooker

faster rice cooker by instant pot

The Instant Pot is a programmable electric rice cooker that has numerous uses and was built with the goal of being Safe, Convenient, and Reliable. It cooks healthy and tasty meals while maintaining nutritional value. In addition, instant pot is highly energy efficient and speeds up the cooking process.

A number of factors make this Instant Pot Electric Rice Cooker one of our favourites. Besides being an instant pot and rice cooker at the same time, this product also offers a number of other features. The Instant Pot is a 7-in-1 multi-use programmable pressure cooker, and there are around 14 built-in innovative programs that help you during the course of cooking. It can be used as a Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice/Porridge Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Steamer, Warmer, and Cake! So it can replace a lot of kitchen appliances in a single go. It’s the fastest way to get delicious meals on your table without spending all day in the kitchen. The Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker prepares food up to 70% faster than conventional cooking methods.

It can cook for a family of six persons. It is made of stainless steel with a tri-ply bottom for even cooking and is excellent for sauteing. The instant pot rice cooker comes with Safety protections: overheat protection, a safe-locking lid, and a touch-screen that won’t get hot when touching or holding it during cooking.

  • Tri-ply bottom
  • Safety protection
  • Fast cooking
  • even heating performance
  • Sleek design
  • There is no progress indicator for cooking

FAQS for Best Rice Cooker Under $100 

A good quality rice cooker makes it easy for you to prepare and serve fresh warm, fluffy rice, which is rich in nutrients and tasty. Here are a few questions people ask while using or buying a rice cooker.

What should I look for when buying a rice cooker?

Cooking capacity, Non-stick inner pots, Digital controls, keep warm function, and cooking modes.

Which type of rice cooker is best?

According to our recommendation, Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Rice Cooker is best due to the number of features it is giving at a low price.

Does rice taste better in a rice cooker?

Rice preparation depends solely on the recipe. A Rice cooker will help you to cook quickly.

What is the main disadvantage of a rice cooker?

It saves your time and keeps your food warm until you are ready to eat it.

Can you put vegetables in a rice cooker?

You can steam different kinds of vegetables in the rice cooker, such as green beans, broccoli, onion, broccoli, pepper, and carrots.

How do I clean the inside of my Rice Cooker? 

You can use mild soap and water to clean the inside of your rice cooker. Use a damp cloth or sponge with gentle strokes to avoid scratching the interior


No one wants soggy rice, and everyone is searching for a cheap, efficient cooker that makes the most delicious, smooth rice in less time than typical saucepans. These rice cookers are life-saving kitchen gadgets that cook delicious rice quickly and efficiently. Best Rice Cooker Under $100 are budget friendly, time saving, and full of advanced features.

Cooking with these cookers is now fun because you don’t need to worry about your rice getting stuck or burning at the bottom because the burner cannot be turned down to a low simmer. So, Enjoy tension free Cooking with these digital rice cookers. 

The rice cookers we’ve selected are all affordable and offer a variety of features. When you find the perfect one for your needs, be sure to share your experience in the comment section below!

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