Best Cast Iron Dutch Oven For Camping (Overmont,Lodge, Victoria)

Who does not like a quick weekend-cum-camping getaway to the nearest camping site with the best cast iron dutch oven for camping? All the kids and adults alike shout an anonymous HURRAY even at the slightest mention of camping. If you do not, then loosen up buddy! It is now or never.

Camping can help you relax your mind and body, recharge your brain and reconnect your soul to nature. BREATHE IN. BREATHE OUT. Either you go willingly to camping or are dragged to it, food is the prime concern. As the tradition say, camping and Dutch ovens go hand in hand.

Dutch ovens are these heavy pots most suitable for camping and also fairly appropriate for home cooking! Owing to their heavy weight they are difficult to topple over and the tight-fit cover makes them safe from any outside intrusion during cooking. Let us review the best cast iron dutch oven for camping for you, so you don’t have to!

Our Top 3 Picks!

9 Best Cast Iron Dutch Oven For Camping

When it’s on our list, you should know that it is actually worth it;

Overmont Dutch Oven 5 QT Cast Iron Casserole Pot
Overmont Dutch Oven 5 QT Cast Iron Casserole Pot
  • 5 Quart Seasoned Cast Iron
  • Verstile Superior Cooking
  • Sturdy, Conforable Handles
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Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven
Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven
  • superior heat distribution
  • A larger composite knob
  • Colorful, long-lasting exterior enamel
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Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven With Loop Handles, 5 qt
Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven With Loop Handles, 5 qt
  • Lid converts to a 10.25 Inch Skillet
  • Loop handles provide secure control
  • Pre-seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil
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Camp Chef 12 Qt Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven Camp Chef 12 Qt Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven
  • True Seasoned Finish cast iron
  • Lid with legs can be used as a skillet
  • Grand Canyon National Park Commemorative Edition


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Victoria Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Lid. Stock Pot with Dual Handles Victoria Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Lid. Stock Pot with Dual Handles
  • Better Performance
  • Made in Colombia
  • Ready-to-use seasoning


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Lodge, Dutch Oven Red Clear Enamel 6 Quart Lodge, Dutch Oven Red Clear Enamel 6 Quart
  • Cooks evenly, versatile, and cleans easily
  • A very good and solid piece of cookware
  • Lodge Dutch Oven is an enameled cast iron classic
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Texsport Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Legs, Lid, Dual Handles and Easy Lift Wire Handle, 8 Quart Texsport Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Legs, Lid, Dual Handles and Easy Lift Wire Handle, 8 Quart
  • Tight fitting lid keeps foods moist
  • Great for campfire or fireplace cooking
  • Rugged cast iron has great heat distribution


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Berghoff Neo Cast Iron Stockpot with a Lid, Red, 3-Qt. Berghoff Neo Cast Iron Stockpot with a Lid, Red, 3-Qt.
  • Oven Safe upto 400F
  • Suitable for all types of heat sources
  • Made of Heavy Duty Cast Iron with Enamel coating
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GSI Outdoors Aluminum Dutch Oven GSI Outdoors Aluminum Dutch Oven
  • Classic Dutch oven for versatile cooking
  • Highly conductive aluminum construction 
  • Cast aluminum is rust-free, easy-to-clean
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5 QT Cast Iron Casserole Pot Best Dutch Oven for Camping

Overmont Dutch Oven

Overmount Dutch Oven 5 QT Cast Iron Casserole Pot - Best Cast Iron Dutch Oven For Camping

Overmont is like the diamond that has been found from a mine of coal. The reasonable price, the perfect size, the outstanding manufacture and design and the customer-oriented accessories. Need I say more? If you are looking for quality within a budget, then Overmont’s Dutch oven is your divine call.

It has the ideal cast iron body for the fair distribution and retention of heat. The 5 quartz make it lighter than the rest on the list and big enough to cook for handful members at the camp. The heavy weight of cast iron stops it from toppling over and makes it hold its ground during the rough conditions while camping.

Totally godsend for you if you like to cook different item for your camping trips and would like smaller quantities. Its double duty, the lid is easily convertible into a skillet. The oven comes with all-natural vegetable oil seasoning, the more you use it, the better it gets.

The ovens come with handles that might get hot but Overmont thinks beyond and gives you a pair of silicone covers so you hold it easily. What is the delay, Overmont’s Dutch Oven is worth every single penny!

  • Cast Iron body
  • Easily Cleanable
  • Double duty
  • Accessories available
  • Limited capacity

Best Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch OvenHuge size for Camping

Le Creuset Enameled 7.25 qt., Cerise

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven

Le Crueset is a name that you can trust. It’s an all-rounder product with versatile functionality. The pot is stunner for home cooking as well as camping, there is nothing that is impossible to cook in it. With a capacity of 7.35 quartz, nobody’s bowl will ever be left empty.

Be it a thanksgiving camping tradition or Christmas, this huge pot can make the stew for them all. Truth be told, moving the pot might be difficult but hey? We got the power we need. Right?

The enamel layer protects your food and enables you to cook almost anything in it for as long as you wish! The cast iron distributes heat evenly for slow cooks and better retaining of flavor. Le Crust’s Dutch Oven also has a knob that can bear temperature as high as 500 degrees.

You can use this purchase to add color to your kitchen, the pot is available in Caribbean, Flame, Truffle and many more!

  • Excellent distribution of heat
  • Different colors available
  • Exchangeable knob
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Resin knob is restricted to 500 degrees.

Double Dutch Oven with Loop Handles5 quart Cast Iron Camp Pot

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven with Loop Handles

The 5 quartz Lodge Double Dutch oven may fall behind in the race of size, but it is bound to excel when it comes to innovation! Dutch oven that can convert to a skillet? Fancy that! It is a chef’s dream come true. Lodge really exceled itself when it introduced a Dutch oven’s lid that could be used a skillet because of it two elegantly designed handles.

The cast iron yet again proved to be an efficient heat conductor with the seasoning it only adds flavor and flavor and flavor to your camping meals. The delicate layering demands it to be gently hand washed. The pot can easily be used on any surface making it a multitasker.

The only setback is that then handles get hot while cooking and remain so a while after it has been removed from the heat, so you gotta be careful with that.

  • Inexpensive
  • Even Heating
  • Convertible skillet
  • Can only be hand washed

Best 12 Qt Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch OvenBest for Outdoor

Camp Chef Dutch Oven

Camp Chef 12 Qt Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven

By far the MIGHTIEST on the list! Camp chef is tailor made for camping for big families and big friend groups. With the enormous capacity of 12 quartz, it can cook a meal for each one that never falls less in amount. The iconic black color makes it a standout in your camping packs.

It is seasoned which means that there are no chemical layers on your pot and your food in totally chemical-contact free. And the legend says, ‘Seasoned pots make your stew all the more delicious!’. In the list of all of its outstanding qualities, it is a cast iron pot which ensures equal and efficient distribution of heat, so your food is not only cooked but cooked well.

Camp Chef has also attached three legs on the pot AND the lid, do you know what that means? YES, you can lace it over coals and also use the lid as a skillet. Hurray! Who doesn’t like getting more for the same?

  • Legs that make it suitable to put it over coals/campfire.
  • Lid can be used as a skillet.
  • Includes a lid lifter.
  • Difficult for domestic use

Dutch Oven with Handles – Cast Iron Camping Pot

Victoria Dutch Oven

Victoria Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Lid

Victoria’s Dutch Oven is one of the most reasonably priced ovens for this capacity. The oven promises superior performance because of its cast iron body that’s distributes heat and also retains it.

The seasoning makes it chemical free and food safe up to any temperatures. The lid is tight fitting for capturing moisture, not just that it also has spikes underneath that facilitates basting cycles.

The seasoning is made out of 100% non-GMO Flaxseed oil that makes it organic all the way! And surely healthy. Victoria has gone a mile further to ensure that minute amounts of iron are naturally released so it adds iron to your diet. The product is PTFE and Foes free that are harmful to your health.

You can use it anywhere due its medium size and is friendly to all sources of heat, gas, firewood, coal etc. The pot is manufactured in Colombia using European cast iron machinery that guarantees the quality of product.

  • Available in bundle packs
  • PTFE and Foes free
  • Flaxseed Oil seasoning
  • Stainless Steel knob

Dutch Oven Red Color for Camping Use – Best for Campfire

Lodge Clear Enamel 6 Quart

Lodge, Dutch Oven Red Clear Enamel 6 Quart

The pumpkin shaped Lodge signature camp oven is here to blow your mind away. A spacious deep capacity of 6 quarts, yes ! SIX – QUARTZ can fit just anything! A whole chicken, a turkey or even your favorite never ending grandma soup that you absolutely delish.

The cast iron material makes it a phenomenal conductor of heat proving evenly heated pot across. Lodge gives you a vibrant red pot with a light colored interior that lets you look all the way through while your food cooks.

The huge size makes it your go-to pot for marinating, proofing or just simply storing. The flat top lid is apt for putting coals on top for your camp-cooking. Lodge’s Red DutchOven is so ready for camping that it also has 2 short handles attached to place it over or simply lift off of your red-hot burning coal or your campfire.

The knob is not the best option when trying to lift it, as it may get hot with all the food cooking inside. The pot is made of enamel layers cookware that protects your food from any chemical interference regardless of at what temperature you cook it!

  • Procelan enamel coat
  • Huge size
  • Even heating
  • Flat bottom

Best Dutch Oven with Legs, Lid, Dual Handles – Outdoor Ovens

Texsport Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Texport Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Legs, Lid

Texport’s Cast iron oven comes with legs that make it a suitable candidate for camping and can be easily placed over cols or campfire. The height of the pot is 7.5’’ which is convenient and adaptable for outdoor cooking other than camping.

The rugged cast iron acts as fantastic heat conductor and retainer foe even and slow cooking. The lid is tight that captures moisture of the food and the flat top makes it easy to cover it with coal.

The wire handle makes it easy to lift and carry around. The oven is easy to clean; you might simply scrub it with a stiff brush and hot water. Texsport promises long lasting durability and resistance to chipping and warping of the oven. This is the best deal and cheapest version you can get for an 8-quartz oven that comes with guaranteed performance and high value for money.

  • Cheap
  • Easy to clean
  • Dual handle and lid
  • Comes in black color only.

Best Stockpot with a Lid, Red, 3-Qt. – Outdoor Cast Iron Cooking

Berghoff Neo Cast Iron

Bergh off Neo Cast Iron Stockpot with a Lid

Who says camping is for only gigantic groups? What if you are a solo camper and like exploring, he woods alone? You wouldn’t carry those heavy weight mostly 6-7 quartz Dutch ovens with you, and rightly so. Berghoff thinks about solo travelers and has introduced a small, compact and convenient 3 quartz Dutch oven for YOU.

It has all the features a bigger one would have, lets first talk about how cool the color is! The red color speaks for itself. The round shape makes it feasible to make any kind of stew or curry in it. The cast iron body distributes heat evenly, so you don’t have to worry.

The Dutch oven has an enamel coating not only on the inside but also the outside protects it from staining 360 degrees.

  • 5-year Warrant
  • Sharp Color
  • Small size
  • Fair price
  • Oven safe up to 400F only

Best Outdoors Aluminum Dutch Oven – Camping Oven Without Legs

GSI Dutch Oven

GSI Outdoors Aluminum Dutch Oven

GSI is household name when we talk about Camping Dutch Ovens! The straight out and levelled top of the oven speaks of the experience of GSI, it not only is convenient for placing coals but makes storage and cooking also easier.

The only setback is the absence of the legs that makes it difficult to place over coals or campfire. But to overcome that stands are easily available and can be bought along with the pot on Amazon.

The unique quality about GSI is that this oven is made out of Aluminum and weights only around 3.43 kgs. Alluminum is highly conductive and distributes the heat evenly for a better cooking experience. The material is rust free, easy to clean and  weights 66% less than cast iron.

  • 66% less in weight than cast iron
  • Available in two sizes; 2 quartz and 5 quartz.
  • Naturally non-stick
  • Not seasoned

Buyers Guide For the Best Cast Iron Dutch Oven For Camping

What is the best material for your Dutch oven?

The best material for your Dutch oven is cast iron. It is heavy so it makes the oven super convenient for use during camping as it will not easily topple over. The cast iron provides stability and functionality. Not just that cast iron is famous for even heat distribution and retention of heat which makes it perfect for your Dutch oven!

Which coating should I prefer?

Enamel Coating : The coating is easy to use as it is easy to clean. The coating remains unreactive and does not mingle with your food in any manner. The enamel coating is  made out of chemicals that protects your Dutch ovens from scratches which makes the pots durable and long lasting.

Pre-seasoned coats : Pre-seasoned cast irons are pots have a layer of all organic and natural vegetable oils for example, flaxseed oil. The coating is reactive to the food that you cook in the pot and after every use more and more seasoning is released in your food, making it a heavenly treat. Pre-seasoned pots are not dishwasher safe hence they need to be washed gently with hands.

Lighter or a darker interior?

A lighter interior will allow you to look through your broth and look at the process deep and clear. It is easier to control and manage the color of your food. The only problem is that the lighter interiors tend to discolor when continuously exposed to high temperatures.  The unintentional crack on the pot is also very apparent are difficult to be hidden.

A darker interior on the other hand, can conceal scratched or marks. Even crazing. It will not lose its color and retain a shiny surface even after several uses. Darker interior is the way to go and the best option for the best cast iron dutch oven for camping!


It is important that the oven that you choose for yourself is from a company that just not produces Dutch Ovens but also thinks about it’s customers. For example, Overmont provides silicone seleeves for its handle when hot and also provides a stand to keep it over when its right off the flame. Your oven should be accessories friendly!


How do I clean my Dutch oven?

You should simply put it under warm water with a few drops of any dishwashing liquid that you use. Leave it for at least 4-5 hours or overnight. Afterwards or next morning gently scrub the bottom and the walls of the Dutch oven and then wipe it cleans.

Is it safe to use my oven’s lid as a skillet?

If you have chosen double duty oven, then you can safely use it. But be very careful with the handles as they become hot while cooking and remain hot for a long period of time. I

What can I use to hold my hot ovens?

You can use a piece of cotton cloth to hold the lid or to even pick it up, ensuring there are enough layers of the cloth. Next, you can use baking gloves or silicon gloves that do not conduct heat.

Should I get a circle shaped oven or an oval shaped oven?

The shape is totally your preference. Circle shaped oven are more convenient to use and beginner friendly. Oval shaped pots may be difficult to use as fitting a whole chicken inside it might not be as feasible as fitting it inside a circle shaped one. 

Final Verdict

Overmont’s Dutch oven has swept us off the floor with its functionality and superior quality. The cast iron body is the most ideal for a Dutch oven as it not only evenly distributes but retains heat, keeping your food piping hot even hours later. The weight due to the use of cast iron makes it apt for camping.

It has stunning black interior and exterior, keeps it looking fresh and brand new. The scratches easily coverable and the pot is more resistant to tear and wear. It give you the truly splendid experience of cooking in the best cast iron dutch oven for camping!

The 5-quartz capacity of the oven is just the perfect size for cooking and mobility. Overmont’s dutch oven’s lid can be used as a skillet to cook delicious food items. The seasoning of vegetable oils adds to the flavor of every meal coke in it, bound to remind you of the taste of your grandma’s hands. The accessories that come along are no less than a chef’s dream for just under $100!

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